Fixed Month Rate $35/month
Non Read Fees Selling of a property: If Co-op has to come out to read then $100.00. If you send in picture of meter and meter read $35.00.
Transport Cost
Variable Cost
Carbon Levy
NSF $25.00
Final Notice Letter 1st notice- Free, 2nd Notice $10.00, 3rd Notice is a lock off notice on door $100.00 & final is locked off with $150.00 fee 
Disconnection Fee $150.00 +GST
Reconnection Fee $100.00 +GST
Door Hanger Fee
(After Due date)
$100.00 +GST

Understanding Your Gas Bills

Cost of Gas:
This is the wholesale cost of gas that is not marked-up for the consumer.
Gas cost is per gigajoules (GJ). The readings from your meter are not in GJ's, but are measured by volume in cubic feet. This volume is then multiplied by a conversion factor to reach the number of GJ's.
Transport Cost / Fixed Service Charge
The LLB Gas Coop derives its operating revenue from the Transport Cost (per GJ) and the monthly fixed service charge.

Due Date:
Each bill is due on the 25th of each month. If the 25th of the month falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, then the working day prior will be considered the final due date. Payments must be received in our office by the due date, and not when the payment was mailed or paid at the bank. Online payments made on the due date will not arrive in our office until the next day, and will be subjected to a late payment charge, which is 2% of the oustanding charges.

The 25th of the month is the targeted due date, which coincides with the date that Gas Alberta requires payment for all gas purchased the month prior.


The only time we ask for a METER READING is when you are transfering Natural Gas service to a new owner. Meter reads need to be submitted the last/first day you occupy the property. Once we receive the meter read this will close the original account and the new one can be opened. The new meter read will serve as the new account starting read. THE CUSTOMERS (BOTH ORIGINAL AND NEW) ARE RESPONSIBLE TO SUBMIT A READ--SHOULD A SERVICEMAN BE DISPATCHED TO COLLECT A READ THERE WILL BE A $100 SURCHARGE.**